Perhaps you were away when Prue spoke at your school, or were unable to attend a parent/student evening or missed the staff professional development session for teachers. Or maybe you’ve heard about Prue from other students or parents or teachers and she doesn’t speak at your school (she is in high demand and has been fully booked with her regular schools for the last few years). Or perhaps you are from another state or country and have been looking for a study skills seminar!

Three of Prue’s sessions have been filmed. A teacher professional development session, a session for senior students and a Years 7/8 parent/student evening. Each session has been broken down into bite sized video chunks (between 7-11 mini-videos depending on the course selected, 40-60 minutes of viewing in total) and you have 7 days to watch all of the mini-videos for that session (school groups also have a week to view the videos). The videos are a mix of Prue speaking and the slides for that session.


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