Consultancy Services

Long-term this is the area I would like really to put more focus on – helping schools develop a whole-school integrated approach to developing students as self-regulated learners. But for now I have so many other projects I want to complete first. However I do take a limited number of small consultancy projects if they look interesting and I can squeeze them into my schedule. For most schools this will be a request to give feedback on their existing study skills program and is generally charged at $330 per hour including GST. Schools can either request a certain amount of hours to be allocated to the analysis and recommendations, or can request an estimation of the time needed.

If you would like both study skills and wellbeing programs assessed, I also offer a joint consultancy with Danni Miller – with special rates for this year. I am a firm believer that for students to be effective learners they need to be in the right headspace, hence my joint project with Danni on SOAR a book helping expat students thrive and with Rocky Biasi on the Study Samurai Library.

Email Prue to apply for your school to be
considered for program assessment.