Live (F2F or Zoom*) Study Skills Sessions and Evenings for Schools with Dr Prue Salter (mostly in Sydney)

Dr Prue Salter has presented to almost half a million students, parents and teachers through over 5000 study skills sessions over the past 20 years. Prue is almost at capacity for live sessions (*or Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet) as schools that have been running sessions for the past 20 years consistently re-book their sessions and so there is now limited availability for new schools to book a session. If you are not able to secure a date, or if Prue is not able to travel to your school, you can now offer parents or students one month’s access to an online pre-recorded filmed version of select sessions (click on the group menu above). Click here to print PRICING OPTIONS and WEBINAR REQUIREMENTS.

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Parent/Student Evenings for Yrs 7-12
– Teacher Professional Development
– Daytime Sessions for 10/11/12

1. Access to an online pre-recorded filmed version of the session for a month.
2. Live session (Face to Face or Zoom if in person is not possible).
3. Combined: Live (F2F/Zoom) session + 3 weeks’ access to online pre-recorded filmed version before or after live session. Upgrade Opportunity.


Here are some of the ways we can run the sessions, based on the circumstances at the time and the school policies.

1. ON-SITE: Face-to-face session with all of us on the school premises in a large hall, and attendees spread out and health precautions taken.

2. ALL ON-SITE+ZOOM: Part of the group in the hall for the presentation, and other attendees spread out in smaller rooms around the school, with the presentation being Zoomed to them live.

3. STUDENTS ON-SITE+PRUE ZOOM: Students watching the presentation via Zoom at school on a screen in a large group or on individual devices, and Prue presenting from home via the school’s Zoom account.

4. ZOOM/TEAMS/MEET: Students and/or parents watching the presentation at home, and Prue presenting from home via the school’s Zoom account.

5. PRE-RECORDED: Not live, but instead use the filmed version of the evening (cut down into chunks on the online course page) where parents and students have a month to access the online version of the evening and they download the handouts and work through the evening at their own pace. You just pick a start date for the access to start. Most schools have actually been taking this option. Some schools have also been using this option to show the video chunks to students during pastoral care times. Click on the Group menu above for more info for this option.

PLUS with Options 1-4, if you would like parents and students to also have access after the session to the online version for three weeks so they can revisit and work through it, or for families that could not attend the live version to access, an additional 30% fee applies.

Pricing Options      Webinar Requirements    COVID Safe Plan

I thought the Zoom study skills session was great! Technically, there was great clarity of the slides, your instructions were clear and could be easily understood and the flow of the presentation was almost as good as if you were present.

I was thrilled with the level of engagement of the girls. I think them sitting at exam desks made it easier to both do the tasks you set and to interact. I would recommend the zoom session as we did it as well as we had good tech support so it really was seamless from our end.

Year 10 Leader, OLMC

Prue’s online Study Skills Seminar for our Year 7 students was informative and engaging for both parents and students. The interactive nature allowed students to ask questions in the chat area in real-time and participate by virtually “raising their hand”. We had over 150 participants and they all stayed throughout the 1 1/2 presentation. Thank you Prue.

Deputy Principal, PLC Croyden

In circumstances such as this we know how important routine can be for young people and their learning does continue. We felt that having Dr Salter continue her annual work with our Year 7 girls was essential, particularly noting the skills needed for independent study if/when school moves to remote learning.

The interaction that Zoom provided meant that parents, staff and students were able to work together and through the activities in real time even though we could not gather as a community. Using the chat feature, Q&A time and checklists meant the night was a raving success. The increased accessibility for many parents was a highlight. The professionalism and expertise of Prue continued through the camera. 

Head of Middle School, Wenona School

REGIONAL, INTERSTATE AND OVERSEAS: Schools outside of the Sydney area that want to run F2F sessions will need to pay travel and accommodation costs in addition to session charges to arrange sessions at a time that is convenient to the school and ELES, subject to availability. Email if your school is interested, Dr Salter may be in your area for conferences etc:, and if you have exceptional food experiences in your region or interesting animal encounters then she is  certain to try harder to find a time to visit! Realistically however, Dr Salter is very heavily booked in Sydney – Term 4 is the most likely option – and unless she is going to be in the area already, costs for running F2F sessions outside of Sydney may be prohibitive. Zoom or access to the online filmed version of the evening may be a better option for these schools.

Parent/Student Evenings


APPLY TO WAITLIST FOR AN EVENING SPOT. Or if you don’t want to wait for a date (as they do not often become available), another option is to purchase a licence to email a link to the students and parents to watch the study skills evening at home: Arrange Access to Videos of Dr Prue Salter.

Dr Prue Salter takes 70 bookings per year for evenings for schools and is currently fully booked for these parent/student evenings. Schools with regular bookings have the option to rebook their spot each year and all spots are currently taken. Email if you would like to be waitlisted if further evenings or earlier evenings become available. Sometimes Prue’s schedule changes and opens up more evenings or sometimes schools have a change in management and no longer run their evening (then a year later try and get their spot back when it is too late!).


  • Parents and students must attend together. We do not offer parent only sessions.
  • Usually one year group attends, but can be 2-3 year groups in smaller schools. Secondary year groups only.
  • The most popular evening is the Year 7 evening. Next popular is a Year 11 or 10 evening.
  • 90 minutes in length eg 6-7.30pm, 6.30-8pm etc.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • Flyers are sent to the school to help advertise the evening.
  • You need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • Content covered varies on the year group, but for example might be organisation, time management, study notes, study techniques.
  • Cost for a F2F evening is AUD$2500 + GST.
  • Some schools like to offer a full school option, eg Years 7-9 @ 6-7.15pm and Years 10-12 @ 7.30-8.45pm. This arrangement is priced at AUD$3750 + GST (i.e. 1.5 x session cost).


  • Parents and students should watch together. We do not offer parent only targeted sessions.
  • Usually open to one year group, but can be 2-3 year groups in smaller schools. Secondary year groups only.
  • The most popular evening is the Year 7 evening. Next popular is a Year 11 or 10 evening.
  • 90 minutes in length eg 6-7.30pm, 6.30-8pm etc.
  • Handouts will be available for families to download and print at home prior to the session.
  • The school will use their Zoom account and send the invite etc. to parents. If you would like parents to also have access after the evening to the online pre-recorded filmed version for three weeks so they can revisit and work through it, or for families that could not attend the live version to access, this is possible for an additional 30% fee. The school does not have licence or permission to make any recordings of the Zoom session.
  • Content covered varies on the year group, but for example might be organisation, time management, study notes, study techniques.
  • Please review the ELES webinar requirements.
  • Cost for a Zoom evening is AUD$2500 + GST.
  • Some schools like to offer a full school option, eg Years 7-9 @ 6-7.15pm and Years 10-12 @ 7.30-8.45pm. This arrangement is priced at AUD$3750 + GST (i.e. 1.5 x session cost).
  • Recent Feedback from attendees: Zoom Feedback


There are now four options for Parent/Student Evenings:


If you cannot secure a date until later in the year, you can give parents access early in Term 1 to the online pre-recorded filmed version of the evening for three weeks, then run your evening later that term or in Term 2 or Term 3. Parents often say they wish they could do the evening more than once and even if they have done the online version a few months ago, it will be a different experience doing it live with their student in a large group.


Another option is after your evening give parents access to online pre-recorded filmed version for three weeks after the session so they can revisit sections again. This is also great as they always struggle to take everything in during one evening so they can work through the videos again at home. Plus also good if families were not able to attend or they want their spouse to also see what was covered.


Our ever popular live evening with Dr Prue Salter. There is a reason why she has been fully booked for so many years!


As it is so difficult to secure a date, you may have been missing out all these years but no more. During 2020 many of the schools who had been doing the face to face version for many years had to (reluctantly) switch to the online pre-recorded filmed version, and the parents just loved it. The flexibility to be able to do the evening during their own time over a four week access period, and to be able to revisit the videos was a big draw card. Plus schools are no longer dependent on when Dr Prue Salter is available. This is also great for regional, rural and overseas schools who also don’t have to pay travel costs. Study skills is independent of state, country, school or educational system. Sure there are some things that are specific, but this evening explores things like how to work more effectively at home, how to manage distractions, how to plan workload and manage time and how to organise learning resources, and best practice for studying for tests and exams.

(Note: It is best to start access on a Friday then we will extend the access to the Monday after so families get an additional weekend to access the videos.)



Options for Study Skills Evenings Live (F2F / Zoom) Session Included? Online Access to Filmed Version? Pricing Total Cost + GST
1. Live (F2F/Zoom) Session + online access YES YES (before)
3 weeks
Base + 30% $3250 + GST
2. Live (F2F/Zoom) Session + online access YES YES (after)
3 weeks
Base + 30% $3250 + GST
3. Live (F2F/Zoom) Session only YES NO Base price $2500 + GST
4. Access Online Filmed Version only (one year group only, request pricing for access for multiple groups) NO YES (anytime)
4 weeks
70% of Base $1750 + GST


Example of email to send to parents re online access: ONLINE ACCESS TO THE YEAR 7 STUDY SKILLS EVENING

Dear Year 7 Parents,

We have arranged for you to be able to access a filmed version of Dr Prue Salter’s renowned study skills evening online in the comfort of your own home anytime from now until X. Now that the students have a frame of reference for high school, it is time to fine-tune, assess and adjust as needed their approach to their learning with tips and techniques from the study skills expert, Dr Prue Salter.

Ideally it is best that you watch these videos together with your child, just like you would if you attended the evening in person. The study skills seminar has been broken down into bite sized chunks so if you do not have time to do it all in one go, you can work through the session at your own pace. You can also go back and watch again any of the videos during the two week period. The video page will prompt you to download the workbook for the session and will show you at the end where you can then access all the slides from the session that are shown in the video.

Please take advantage of this valuable opportunity before access ends on X. The link to access the evening is …

Secondary Teacher Professional Development Sessions



Available dates: It depends when your teacher professional development day is, email Dr Salter to see if the date/time you want is available:


  • 2 hours is needed for the secondary teacher professional development session.
  • Ideally it is good to give faculty groups time after the session to start the follow-up activities on developing their faculty study skills policy.
  • For F2F session, teachers preferably to be seated at tables in faculty groups.
  • This session is for secondary school teachers only, although Year 5/6 teachers may also find it useful for transition purposes.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • For the F2F session you need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • Aims of the session: To increase teachers’ knowledge and understanding of effective study skills. To demonstrate practical ways teachers can help improve study skills within the classroom environment.


Cost for a 2 hour session is AUD$3500 + GST.
Cost for a full day with faculty breakout time is AUD$6500 plus GST.


This is an Elective PD and covers the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

1.1 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students.
1.2 Understand how students learn.
1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.
3.1 Establish challenging learning goals.
3.3 Use teaching strategies.
5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning.
6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice.
6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice.
6.4 Apply professional learning and improve student learning.

It was an absolute pleasure to have you address our staff and we really appreciate the guidance in developing norms and processes in the development of Study Skills.

I look forward to keeping in touch and appreciate your support.

Principal, Northholm Grammar School

A true learning experience. The seminar provided by ELES was probably the best investment in Professional Development that our school has ever undertaken. Presented by an experienced teacher for teachers, the program recognized the importance of addressing students’ individual needs and engaging them as independent learners. 

Principal, Australian International School, Hong Kong.


Note: Please ensure you comply with copyright law and always acknowledge/give credit to Enhanced Learning Educational Services when using any of our materials: freebies, resources or materials from sessions. We remind our students not to plagiarise….so please ensure you recognise the use of any of the intellectual property of ELES and do not use our materials without acknowledging the source. Our resources will already have the copyright information on the bottom of each page of the products. We rely on your professional integrity in this matter.

Years 10/11/12 Student Daytime Sessions

  • Available dates: There is limited availability and it depends on travel time and where Dr Salter is travelling from before your session, so email if you are interested and we will let you know what is available:
  • Sessions are up to 1.5 hours in length for Year 11 and up to 1 hr for Year 10 and Year 12. There is a 2 hr session for Year 10 in Term 4.
  • Terms 1 to 3 only for regular bookings for Years 11-12. Year 10 sessions are available all year.
  • Handouts are sent to the school to be copied prior to the session.
  • For the F2F sessions you need a venue that has a large screen, data projector and microphone.
  • For Zoom please review the ELES webinar requirements.


Cost is AUD$1500 + GST per session. Email Dr Salter at to request availability.

Session content varies depending on the time of year and if Dr Salter has worked with the year group previously, but the most popular session is the Post-Trials session (run in last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September) which looks at putting together a plan all the way through to the last exam.

“Thanks for all your help today, I actually didn’t know where to start with a study plan, it has made it all much less scary for me. Kind Regards.” 

“Hi Dr Salter, Thank you so much for your zoom on Monday! I found it very useful and it made me even more motivated! Thank you.

“Dr. Salter’s post trials (via a group Zoom session) was perfect for me to step up from complacency that followed the rigorous trial exams. Her useful examples on how to set up a planner for HSC was extremely helpful as it enabled me to actively reflect upon my study methods, re-imagine different study techniques, to improve upon my trial results.”  

“Dr Salter’s advice (via a group Zoom session) allowed me to organise myself and manage my time incredibly well after trials, maximising my productivity levels, allowing me to perform at my best during the HSC.”  

This session helped me to simplify what I need to do and how I can effectively do it.”

“The session definitely reinvigorated me – gave some great ideas about study partners, etc. – whilst also not being overly stressful or overwhelming.”

I found Prue very helpful. I’m usually quite individual in terms of my study habits but I’ll definitely implement some of her patterns in the lead up to the HSC.”

“Overall, the most helpful part for me was probably just knowing that everything I’m thinking is normal and being reassured that with the right study schedule I should be okay for the HSC. Definitely worth doing! “

“I loved the presentation, it was not only motivating but practical.”

From teachers:

“The session was excellent as always and so helpfully tailored to the situation they are in!”
“ Thanks for the session today. It was fabulous and just the right type of motivation the students needed.”
“The Year 12 Post Trials session (via a group Google Meet session) gave our Year 12 cohort the skills and resources to construct a detailed and workable study plan leading up to their HSC.  It was a valuable and practical session that offered tailored advice to students with diverse patterns of study.” 

To further support Year 12, we have arranged for Dr Prue Salter to run a workshop with our Year 12 students. The session will help reinvigorate Year 12 to put together a study plan right through to their final HSC exams so they can be confident about their approach in the last months of their studies. Dr Salter will outline the steps students should take to apply teacher feedback, fine-tune their study approach and bring balance to their studies with self-care. Using research about the brain, students will be guided in how to structure their study during the HSC exam period and avoid common study mistakes. Students will have the chance map out their exam timetable and allocate study time based on the guidelines Dr Salter explains, looking at different scenarios such as exams that are clustered together or significant gaps in the exam timetable. Parents are encouraged to ask their student to explain their plan to them after the session as talking through it will help embed the learning from the session and give parents a greater understanding of what our students will be undertaking in their last weeks of Year 12.

The experience in 2020 and 2021 was that combining the f2f session with online support is better as students receive ongoing and responsive support, targeted to their needs at that time. If you just wanted to take the online option the info is here:  Arrange Access to Videos of Dr Prue Salter.

What if you want both?? Access to the video series and a face-to-face session? In this case the F2F session fee will be discounted by 50%. So total cost = $1650 (online)+$825 (FF) = $2475 (ie $2250+$225GST).

YEAR 11 SESSION (1.5hrs)

This session covers moving into a senior mindset, working effectively at home and dealing with distractions, the importance of independent learning, managing workload and planning for assessments, organising resources for school both paper and digital, steps to effective study for assessments, increasing the range of study techniques used, how often and how to make study notes, making study notes brain-friendly.

Cost is AUD$1500 + GST per session. Email Dr Salter at to request availability.

CAN’T GET A DATE? If you are not able to secure a date, another option is to purchase a licence to email a link to the students to watch the study skills session at home. Arrange Access to Videos of Dr Prue Salter.


This session covers making the most of Year 10, key principles for time management, fine-tuning approach to study, learning preferences, assessing areas to improve.

Cost is AUD$1500 + GST per session. Email Dr Salter at to request availability.



Presenter: Natalie Vella

“The session we did with Natalie on Preparing for Senior Studies was excellent and I would highly recommend doing it with next year’s Yr 10s!” Head of Year 10, AISHK.

Download a flyer about this session: FLYER
Options for 2021: TERM 4 2021

Developed originally by Dr Prue Salter (ELES) and Rocky Biasi (Human Connections) this 2 hour session run by the dynamic Natalie Vella is perfect for Year 10 anytime during Term 4. Based on Prue and Rocky’s popular resource SECRETS TO SENIOR SCHOOL SUCCESS this session gets Year 10 ready with both the study skills and mindset techniques they will need to be ready for Year 11 next year. But even better – you don’t have to run it as we do it for you! The space for the session needs to have rows of chairs, but also space for students to break out into groups sitting on the floor. This has been a wildly successful session with comments from teachers: ‘exactly what they needed to hear’ and ‘this is so useful for setting them up for next year’ and ‘who would have thought the boys would be so engaged for 2 hours, I really thought they would need a break’. (Plus you know it is good when Year 10 boys come up after the session to thank you personally.) Many schools are looking for PRACTICAL AND USEFUL things to do with Year 10 in Term 4 and this session fits the bill perfectly. Plus your Year 10 parents will be super impressed. Bookings are open now for next year (Wednesdays not available sorry) so don’t miss out!

Cost is AUD$2000 + GST for the 2hr session. Email Natalie at to secure your date! 


– Note 1: It is an advantage if your school also subscribes to the Study Skills Handbook or the Study Samurai Library as for those schools we can recommend to Year 10 the units they can do over the holidays to build their skills in areas of weakness. Plus there are lots of great resources available on the site such as grids and planners.

– Note 2: This session is a great precursor to the Year 11 sessions where we go into much more detail once students have started Year 11 and have a better frame of reference for senior learning. Year 11 follow-on sessions are ‘Achieving Your Personal Best’ (with Prue, about study skills) and ‘Getting Your Head Right for the HSC’ (with Natalie, about well-being and mindset). If students have done the Year 10 session first, this helps to deepen the learning for the Year 11 sessions. Seeing the students across the 2 years will have a much greater impact.

– Note 3: You can also do your own follow-up by purchasing the PDF resource SECRETS TO SENIOR SCHOOL SUCCESS. This resource can also be used as a precursor to the Year 10 or Year 11 sessions. The face-to-face sessions get students to look at the topics in a different and more interactive way than the worksheet sets.

Hi Natalie, Thank YOU! Your energy really resonated with the kids and the mix between talk/walk was perfect.

Head of Year 10, AISHK

Natalie was fantastic and my Year 10 class had really positive things to say about the session. Our deputy popped in as well and was impressed.

Head Teacher Teaching & Learning, North Sydney Girls High School