Live (F2F or Zoom*) Study Skills Sessions and Evenings for Schools with Dr Prue Salter (mostly in Sydney)

Dr Prue Salter has presented to over half a million students, parents and teachers through¬†over 5000 study skills sessions over the past 20 years. Prue is almost at capacity for live sessions (*or Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet) as schools that have been running sessions for the past 20 years consistently re-book their sessions and so there is now limited availability for new schools to book a session. If you are not able to secure a date, or if Prue is not able to travel to your school, you can now offer parents or students one month’s access to an online pre-recorded filmed version of select sessions (click on the group menu above). There is no limit for the size of the face to face sessions, you just need to have a big enough venue and screen.