YEAR 7: PARENT/STUDENT EVENING – Tools for Success – Parent/Student Study Skills Evening (group licence version)

In this video series Dr Prue Salter explains to students and parents the tools for success in secondary school.

You can email the link to the parents to watch with their child during the month’s access period in the comfort of their own home.

Most schools offer this session to Year 7, but it also works for Year 8 or 9 (or some schools give 8/9 access as a refresher when they attend the live evening in Year 7).

Price: AUD$2100 + GST

Price is 70% of the face to face price of a session – so the cost for a month’s access to this video series for a year group is AUD$2100 + GST.

Access fee is for one year group only, please request pricing if you would like to use the videos with multiple year groups.

We also now have options for schools who run the face to face version to ALSO allow families to have two weeks’ access to the online version either before or after their session. Click here for more information.

All you have to do is to choose your start date for the month’s access, email us the date and we will send you the link for your school which you then forward to the parents. Easy!

The one-hour session is broken into 5 main sections:

Introduction (2 mins)
SECTION 1 – Improving Your Home Learning Environment (12 mins)
SECTION 2 – Organising Your Resources for Learning and for School (11 mins)
SECTION 3 – Your Afternoon Routines and Managing Time (11 mins)
SECTION 4 – Managing Your Workload and Planning Your Assessments (13 mins)
SECTION 5 – Improving the way you learn: How to Study for a Test in High School (15 mins)
Conclusion (2 mins)

Watch a short trailer that gives a sample of  the presentation:


Dear Prue, 

My daughter and I attended your seminar when she was in year 7 (she’s now doing Year 12!) and this year, with my son in year 7, we have had the opportunity to watch the online version.  While both were valuable, I have particularly appreciated the online version as we have been able to watch it at his pace. We pause each section and discuss how it relates to his life before moving on. And it goes without saying that your tips in a video are far more persuasive than any suggestions from boring old mum.

Thanks! Jen


Dear Parents,

We have arranged for you to be able to access Dr Prue Salter’s renowned study skills evening – online and in the comfort of your own home anytime during the next month (access ends X). Now that the students have a frame of reference for high school, it is time to fine-tune, assess and adjust as needed their approach to their learning with tips and techniques from a study skills expert.

Ideally it is best that you watch these videos together with your child, just like you would if you attended the evening in person. The study skills seminar has been broken down into bite sized chunks so if you do not have time to do it all in one go, you can work through the session at your own pace. You can also go back and watch again any of the videos during the month. The video page will prompt you to download the workbooks for the session and will show you at the end where you can then access all the slides from the session that are shown in the video.

Please take advantage of this valuable opportunity before access ends on X. The link to access the evening is …