YEAR 12: Dr Salter’s Maximising Results Support Group (NSW only, group licence version)

This video series consists of multiple short videos (length varies from 2 to 20 minutes, 4 hours in total) that provide targeted support for Year 12 throughout this crucial year.

The videos are designed to address the specific study skills needs of Year 12 at particular times and are grouped into videos for each term.

Access to this expert video series helps to increase the circle of support for Year 12 and reduce the load on the teachers, school and parents. Schools can show some videos during pastoral care time, or allow students to watch the videos at home so lesson time is not affected.

  • TERM 1: Setting up for success this year, what should students be doing?
  • TERM 2: Improving the way students study, planning for the exams next term.
  • TERM 3: What to do before and after the Trials/Mocks, and how to make a study plan for the final exams.
  • TERM 4: Making the most of the HSC/IB exam period.


NOTE: You can add your Year 12 students to Dr Salter’s support group at any time during the year, however it is best if you join up during Term 1 to make the most of the support.

Price: AUD$2000 + GST

Cost for the 4 hour video series is AUD$2000 + GST (this is the total cost for access to ALL of the Year 12 videos).

Effectively this is four of the 1 hr study skills sessions I run for the price of one session, but I didn’t want to charge four times the price as I want this support group to be accessible to Year 12. The access for this series is also ongoing throughout the year, not for just 4 weeks like the other online sessions on this page. The price is the same regardless of when you join up as students will still benefit from access to the earlier videos.

If you would like your Year 12 group to be a part of this support group, email to request access for your school. 


Thank you very much Dr Salter I appreciate you giving your time to give me feedback on my notes. I watched your videos this morning they’re very good. It made the whole situation seem manageable.


Many, many thanks. Your series is very informative and will really help us.


Thank you for your generous and sensible advice to our students and their families.  I really must stress that we received a significant number of grateful emails from parents when we sent the initial email informing them of the videos to come.  This is such important work that you do. We really appreciate the resources and support from you as we truly believe this is a huge team effort from all parties – internal and external agencies- to help support the students adjust to the current environment.