YEAR 10: Preparing for Senior Studies (P4SS) (group licence version)

In this video series Dr Prue Salter, Rocky Biasi and Natalie Vella explain to students how to prepare for senior studies.

You can show the session to a group in one go (which is how students who attend a live session experience the session), run the session yourself with the students, you can show it to a group gradually over the month access period or you can email the link to your year group of students to watch. (Here is the info about the F2F version:  FLYER)

Price: AUD$1400 + GST

Price is 70% of the face to face price of a session – so the cost for a month’s access to this video series for a year group is AUD$1400 + GST.  Some schools prefer to do 2 weeks’ access at the end of Year 10 and 2 weeks’ access at the start of Year 11.

Access fee is for one year group only.

All you have to do is to choose your start date for the month’s access, email us the date and we will send you the link for your school which you then forward to the students. Easy!

The 2 hour session is broken into 10 bite sized chunks of mini-videos that explore the 10 Secrets to Success for Senior Studies. 

Watch a short intro to the presentation: